College of Counselling: DV Webinar - Recording
College of Counselling: DV Webinar - Recording
What's love got to do with it? What all counsellors need to know about heterosexual Domestic Violence

Presented by Cathy Bettman

The College of Counselling will be exploring Power and Control: What all counsellors need to know about domestic & family violence

Saturday September 28th 2019

This webinar is for counsellors who don't have expertise in this area and whom would like to develop their knowledge and increase their awareness to be part of the solution to a serious Australian issue. Learn how to understand, acknowledge, support and empower clients when DV is an issue.

Domestic and family violence has been an ‘underground’ epidemic in Australia and as such is often not recognised by health professionals. Have you ever had a sense that the anxiety and depression a client is referred for is not the whole story? Or a who couple present with issues which you suspect have at core, a dynamic of power and control? The impact of the DV cycle is shaming, dehumanising, destroys agency, and all too often has tragic outcomes.

Join the first in this series of webinars and find out:

Why doesn’t she/he just leave?
How to develop a DV lens
What every counsellor needs to do when DV is disclosed
What not to do when DV is present
The recording counts as 2 hours of Category B CPD for PACFA's membership renewal requirements

PLEASE NOTE: RECORDING EXPIRES 28 March 2021 - Must view before this date.
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