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Symposium: Keeping the body in mind - Recording
Symposium: Keeping the body in mind - Recording
Narelle McKenzie
Keeping the body in mind

In this webinar Narelle will be drawing on a specialist area, Radix Body Centred Psychotherapy to present some basic concepts underpinning effective work with trauma clients. As part of the presentation there will also be demonstration of some practical somatic interventions to address trauma that can easily be incorporated into traditional therapeutic approaches.
Focus will be given to:
• Identifying subtle physical, emotional and cognitive indices of dissociation from the body.
• Observing nonverbal signals in the voice, body, facial expression and movement that are often indicative of trauma.
• Identifying breathing patterns that inhibit emotional regulation.
• Demonstrating body interventions that mobilise restricted or limited movements restoring capacity for reality orientation, vitality and boundary setting.

Radix Body Centred Psychotherapy is an holistic and comprehensive process oriented psychotherapeutic approach that addresses client concerns using body observation and mobilisation to guide intervention in the moment and over time. Differing from other psychotherapies that are somatically informed, Radix Psychotherapy has the body at its central focus. The psychological constitution of the person is understood as being based on and reflected in the physical structure and emerging somatic processes. The emphasis of this work is bringing to consciousness the unconsciously held back, mind, body and behavioural responses. In the Radix approach, trauma work does not occur inisolation but within the healing and development of the psychotherapeutic relationship.

Narelle McKenzie is the Director and a Senior trainer of the Australian Radix Body Centered Training Centre and the Radix Institute, USA and Canada, which offer a three-year training program in Radix Body Centered Psychotherapy. She is a registered psychologist and somatic psychotherapist with over thirty five years experience working in private practice with adults, couples and groups. She has a Masters degree in developmental psychology and extensive experience and training in psychotherapy and psychology. As part of her private consultancy, Narelle has led experiential and training workshops on Embodied Psychotherapy throughout Australia and the USA for many years. She is a Clinical Member on the Psychotherapy and Counselling Association (PACFA) Register, accredited as a PACFA and APHRA Psychology supervisor and a member of Peer Review Committee for the International Journal of Body Psychotherapy.

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