Indigenous Psychotherapy in Aotearoa - Recording
Indigenous Psychotherapy in Aotearoa - Recording
Webinar Series: Recognition of Indigenous Healing Practices in Australia and Aotearoa

In mid to late 2019 the ACCAPE college of PACFA organised a series of webinar's to address the urgent need for training and accrediting of Indigenous practitioners and educators, working with transformative methods and issues of cultural misappropriation.

They sought to discuss processes and protocols that are working and how these fit within the current and changing AQF framework.

They identified a clear demand for Indigenous Practices and Critical Pedagogy within counselling, psychotherapy, social work and psychology courses. Becoming a racially competent counsellor or psychotherapist educator, requires training and self-reflection about bias, blind-spots, discrimination and learnt privilege.

This series of webinars aimed to prepare educators to assist students of psychotherapy and counselling to reduce the perpetuation of continued social discrimination and racial bias and develop multicultural competence while considering the steps they needed to take to ensure programs in Indigenous Critical and Healing Practices are accessible and accredited.

In the fourth webinar in the series the college looked at Indigenous Psychotherapy in Aotearoa: Waka Oranga National Collective of Maori Psychotherapy Practitioners. Discussion facilitated by Anna Fleming, Dr Alayne Mikahere-Hall and Margaret Morice from Waka Oranga.

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