Working With Issues of Dependency - Recording
Working With Issues of Dependency - Recording
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College of Counselling: Working With Issues of Dependency

An exploration of substance abuse, gambling and pornography addiction

In this webinar the College of Counselling explored the issues of working with dependency. In particular, how to work when substance abuse, gambling or pornography becomes a problem for the client.

Many counsellors feel out of their depth when the issue of dependency or addiction enters the counselling space. Others may be concerned about continuing with counselling while dependency is a major problem in their client’s life.

What is the difference between an addiction and a life style choice?

What boundaries do you need to be cognisant of as a counsellor?

When should you refer on to an expert in this area?

Is it OK to keep working with the client if they won’t engage in expert dependency treatment?

Does the type of addiction (substance abuse, pornography, gambling) make a difference to the counselling process?

How do you work with the issue of shame surrounding addictions?


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