PACFA College of Counselling Webinar June

Elder abuse: When getting old gets dangerous, working with DV/FV in our ageing population 

PART 4: Power and Control: What all counsellors need to know about domestic & family violence
Presented by Dr Rosalie Hudson
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Domestic and family violence perpetrated towards our senior population was exposed with the Royal commission into Aged care, which will provide its final report in November this year. Unfortunately, this horrifying issue continues. As a response to COVID-19 we are hearing of residents in aged care facilities being locking in their rooms for weeks on end. 

What do we know about elder abuse?

What forms does elder abuse take?

Who are the main perpetrators?

What are the ethical dilemmas of reporting abuse?

How does ageism play a part?

How does this impact you and your clients?

Rosalie Hudson is a nurse educator, with many years experience in the aged care sector. As an elder herself, she will be shedding some light on what is, too often, an invisible issue. Elder abuse is still under-reported and suffers a shameful stigma. 

This webinar is for all counsellors, not only those working in aged care. Join this College of Counselling webinar and broaden your awareness, shift any unconscious bias and be part of a joint solution, rather than a bystander.


Dr Rosalie Hudson

Rosalie is a former nursing home manager with 12 years’ experience; together with 10 years as a community nursing supervisor, visiting older people in their homes, advocating for their health and safety as well as their families’ wellbeing. Her doctoral research focused on death and dying in nursing homes. She also assists with legal investigations into cases of negligence in aged care. Rosalie continues to publish widely in books and journals, on aged care, palliative care and dementia care. She is a sessional teacher at several venues and an experienced conference speaker in Australia and overseas.  


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6/20/2020 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time

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