About Us

The Counselling and Psychotherapy Portal is an initiative of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and its Member Associations.

PACFA is a national peak body for the counselling and psychotherapy profession made up of professional associations for the profession which cover a diverse range of therapy modalities. PACFA Members Associations are separate organisations which work together closely to make up the PACFA Federation.

PACFA runs a National Register of qualified and experienced counsellors and psychotherapists who meet the required standards for training, experience and ethics and annual requirements for clinical supervision and professional development.  Members of PACFA Member Associations who meet these requirements are eligible for listing on the PACFA National Register.

Who is the Portal for?

Registration at the portal is open to all professionals interested in counselling and psychotherapy, however there are particular benefits from the system for PACFA Registrants and the members of associations which participate in the Portal.  For a list of the participating associations, go to the Member Associations Tab in the navigation bar.

The portal is for:

  • PACFA Registrants - i.e. those members of PACFA Member Associations who are listed on the PACFA Register
  • Members of PACFA Member Associations which are participating in the Portal
  • Other members of PACFA Member Associations
  • Other professionals working in the counselling and psychotherapy field who wish to participate in professional development offered by PACFA and its Member Associations or who are interested in joining

What does the Portal Offer?

  • Online bookings for professional development events such and seminars, workshops, conferences and online courses
  • Online applications for PACFA registration and online PACFA registration renewals for members of all PACFA Member Associations
  • Online applications for membership of PACFA Member Associations - for participating associations only
  • A joint renewal process for association memberships and PACFA registration - for members of participating associations only
  • A therapist profile for all PACFA Registrants and selected members of participating associations