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A range of PACFA Committees have been established to undertake key areas of work relating to PACFA’s mission.  Ad hoc Committees and Working Groups are also formed from time to time to work on particular issues or events.

PACFA has developed Terms of Reference for the following Committees:

  • Education Program Accreditation Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Professional Standards Committee
  • Research Committee

Each Committee is chaired by a PACFA Board Member. Other committee members are drawn from the PACFA membership and are appointed by the PACFA Board in accordance with the PACFA Constitution. Each Committee reports to the PACFA Board on a quarterly basis.

The activities undertaken by the Committees reflect the priorities of PACFA and its Member Associations. If you would like to be involved with any of these projects please speak with the PACFA delegate at your Member Association or contact the PACFA Secretary.

Education Program Accreditation Committee
Chair: Charles Wilson

Dr Judith Ayre
Biliana Dearly
Dr Angela Ebert
Dr Margot McNeill
Fiona O’Hara
Dr Meg Smith OAM

Ethics Committee
Chair: Doug Aberle

Fiona Baillie
Merle Conyer
Ian Goldsmith
Tara Green
Scott Kratzmann
Crystal Lockard
Kris Rao
Maxine Rosenfield

Professional Standards Committee
Dr Kate Briggs
Dr Ebi Cocodia
Dr Jelena Želeskov Đorić
Toni Neil

Research Committee
Dr Alexandra Bloch-Atefi
Deputy Chair: Dr Tristan Snell
Dr Cathy Bettman
Dr Elizabeth Day
Dr Angela Mornane
Gina O’Neill

Professor Robert King (External Consultant)
Eileen McDonald (External Consultant – Carer Representative)