Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee was established in 2014 by combining two earlier committees, the Training Standards Committee and the Register Committee.

The Professional Standards Committee provides strategic oversight of all activities relating to the PACFA’s Training Standards and the PACFA National Register.

Download the Professional Standards Committee - Terms of Reference

Dr Kate Briggs (Committee Chair)
Dr Kate Briggs is a Lacanian psychoanalyst who has worked as a clinical specialist in publicly funded counselling services and consulted widely in the field of social welfare. Kate has been a lecturer in psychology, womens’ studies, and counselling & psychotherapy since 2003 and was awarded a Teaching Excellence Award by ACAP in 2010. Her research interests include complex care teams, contemporary critical practice, psychoanalytic feminism and how the work of invention informs clinical work. She has published on sublimation and symptom formation and contributed to Notes on the Child, A collection of essays on contemporary Lacanian child and adolescent clinical practice. Kate is a PACFA Accredited Supervisor, Mental Health Practitioner and Clinical Registrant, and a member of the Lacan Circle of Melbourne.

Committee members
Dr Ebi Cocodia
Dr Jelena Želeskov Đorić
Toni Neil

For Professional Standards enquiries please contact the PACFA office.