Success with PACFA’s education campaign

In the last few months of 2020, PACFA has advocated for counselling and psychotherapy to be exempted from the huge price increases that have been introduced as a result of the Job Ready Graduates package. We made two formal submissions on this issue and encouraged training providers to make submissions too.

We are delighted to announce success with this campaign.

PACFA CEO, Maria Brett, received a letter from Education Minister, the Hon. Dan Tehan, yesterday advising that a professional pathway will be created for counselling. We assume this covers psychotherapy education as well, but the PACFA CEO will be checking on this with the Minister.

The new professional pathway will ensure that accredited degrees in counselling and psychotherapy will benefit from lower fees. This is a great victory for our profession.

PACFA will be working with the Department of Education on the details of the new professional pathway and additional information about the pathway will be announced via eNews in 2021.