PACFA launches new Membership Pathway

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PACFA has launched new membership pathways that will make it possible for more diverse practitioners to join PACFA.  Applications are now open for prospective members interested in joining PACFA under the new membership pathways.

The initiative to create the new membership pathways came out of the work of PACFA’s Psychotherapy Working Party which was established to support psychotherapy as a distinct profession. Their work includes developing strategies to enable more psychotherapists to join PACFA and to support the retention and development of psychotherapy training pathways.

In addition to supporting more psychotherapists to join PACFA, the new membership pathways will also support Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Healing Practitioners to join PACFA. This is part of the vision of PACFA’s new College of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Healing Practices (CATSIHP).

PACFA’s new Membership Pathways are detailed in PACFA’s Membership and Registration Requirements 2020 and supported by the updated PACFA Training Standards 2020 

(1) Accredited Training Pathway 

  • This pathway aligns with the PACFA Training Standards 2020 in order to meet the current expectations of government that training is accredited by TEQSA or ASQA at AQF level 7 to 9
  • This pathway is available to counsellors, psychotherapists and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Healing Practitioners with training that is accredited by government and that meets the other requirements of the PACFA Training Standards 2020

(2) Equivalent Training Pathway

  • This pathway reinstates access to PACFA membership and registration for those whose training is equivalent to the PACFA Training Standards 2020
  • This applies to psychotherapists, counsellors and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Healing Practitioners.

(3) Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

  • This pathway is a true Recognition of Prior Learning process that was not previously available.
  • This enables people to join PACFA who have other training and substantial practice experience that is assessed as being appropriate for professional practice.
  • Evidence is required to support RPL applications, as outlined in the Guidelines for Recognition of Prior Learning 2020 

Applications for PACFA membership, including via the new pathways, can be made online at the PACFA Portal.