Discount for online platform for members

Coviu have provided PACFA Members with discounted access to their Telehealth Platform details of the offer are included below. 

Coviu is Australia’s leading video telehealth software provider. We currently support over 60,000 Australian healthcare professionals in providing secure, simple and feature-rich video consultations. 

The healthcare industry has experienced an extreme shift to telehealth video consultations over the last year especially now that Medicare reimbursements have been extended to Dec 2021

Given that telehealth is now becoming an integral part of our healthcare system, we would love to work with PACFA members with their adoption of telehealth. 

The shift to a blended model of care, where practitioners offer both in-person and video telehealth consultations, can seem overwhelming at first. Fortunately, Coviu is well-equipped to support your digital transformation, and we have worked closely with other industry associations, specifically PACFA’s partner organisation the Allied Health Professionals Association - AHPA.  

As PACFA is a member of AHPA Coviu are providing PACFA members with a 30% off on your Coviu subscription for the first 3 months. In addition, PACFA Members will also receive a free 2-week trial of Coviu, in which no credit card is required to be put down when signing up -  

Many practices have increased their patient reach, seen reductions in no-shows and cancellations and even saved money by implementing telehealth.  

Click here to go to the free trial link.  Please contact us at [email protected] for your member discount code.