Griefline partnership underway 

More than 200 PACFA members have attended an information webinar about the exclusive partnership between PACFA and Griefline on its Continuation of Care scheme.

Many members submitted expressions of interest and Griefline will choose approximately 30 applicants for the initial intake to this referral system. Griefline intends further intakes to the scheme in 2021 and we will keep members notified. Those members who were not selected in the initial intake should express their interest again when the opportunity arises.

These PACFA members will be listed on Griefline’s referral directory after completing the organisation’s Specialist Training in Grief and Loss.

The accredited practitioners will receive an official ‘Griefline Accredited Counsellor’ digital badge which they can use in their communications. They will also receive referrals for clients who have reached the end of their programs with Griefline and require ongoing therapeutic sessions.   

In forming the partnership, Griefline recognises the high-level training and experience of PACFA members, and their capacity to support clients experiencing grief and loss.

PACFA applauds Griefline’s Continuation of Care scheme, which will enable clients to continue to receive help at difficult periods of their lives. It is also an opportunity for suitably qualified and experienced PACFA members to increase their client base.

Watch the free Griefline Continuation of Care scheme information webinar.

After watching, complete the Expression of Interest Form.

Read more about Griefline.