Low-cost supervision: Call for Accredited Supervisors  

PACFA is excited to announce the launch of a new member only resource, a directory of PACFA Accredited Supervisors who offer low-cost, group, supervision online.* This is a re-energising of PACFA’s popular scheme launched last year which connected those experiencing hardship with low-cost Accredited Supervisors.  

This will be the first ongoing membership benefit of its kind; a directory which will now connect all PACFA registrants with PACFA’s Accredited Supervisors offering lower-cost, group supervision online. A resource which will pave the way for greater ease in developing long term supervision relationships. 

At this time, PACFA is seeking Accredited Supervisors to list on this new resource. PACFA accredits a significant number of qualified, experienced Supervisors who we hope will support and benefit from this scheme.   

If you are an Accredited Supervisor and you would like to join this initiative, please complete this Expression of Interest form below. We will be in touch as this progresses with relevant information and guidelines to assist your supervision groups.  

Regulation of the industry remains a top priority for PACFA, and we are renowned for our high standards which we preserve through our annual renewal requirements. At PACFA we promote supervision as an essential component of ethical, competent practice. We also appreciate there is an increasing demand for easily accessible, lower cost, and quality supervision. For this reason, we are launching this new directory of Supervisors who offer this type of supervision: online, at a cost per head of $60 or less, and in groups no larger than 6. We hope this resource will both streamline finding a supervisor, and also offer our Accredited Supervisors increased visibility to our membership base. 

For practitioners who are interested in finding a supervisor who meets this criteria, please keep up to date with our E-News for announcements regarding the launch of this scheme.  

For further information about this initiative, please email the office at [email protected].  

*Please note for the purposes of this activity PACFA is defining low-cost supervision as $60 maximum per person per hour, group size maximum of 6, recommended size between 3-6. 

Expression of Interest Form