The PACFA journal Psychotherapy & Counselling Today is looking for a book reviewer

The PACFA journal Psychotherapy & Counselling Today is looking for someone to review the following book.

Cultural Responsiveness in Counselling and Psychology - Working with Australian Populations (Palgrave, 2021).

The book is an edited collection and covers concepts related to developing multicultural understanding and responsiveness in counselling and psychology. The book includes a brief review of how the impact of settler colonialism, postcolonialism, the cycle of socialisation, discrimination and bias are embedded social justice issues and how decolonisation, intersectionality, the counselling relationship and counsellor self-awareness can create transformative multicultural counselling and psychology practices. Other topics include: Indigenous Australians, racism, classism, sexism, cisgender and heterosexism, ageism, ableism, sizeism and religious hegemonism. The book closes with a review of multiculturalism and social justice in counselling and psychology and highlights key principles for responsive multicultural counselling and psychology.

If you’d like to review this book, please contact Stephen Andrew at