Survey to determine counsellors & psychotherapists interest In providing support for older people

Older People are typically considered as aged 65 years and older but it’s like that they may feel or experience the conditions of ageing at a younger age, due to illness or other factors. In the process of ageing, older people may suffer a range of existential crises including, but not limited to, physical and psychological decline, isolation, stigma, lack of meaning and purpose, and several losses.  

The recent Interim Report of Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has rightly brought to light neglect in caring for older people, typically those living in residential care. However, the Report makes limited reference to counselling or counsellors. Recently, our attention was drawn to the exclusion of counsellors, as a distinct professional group, in the delivery of psychological support for older people in a range of care settings.

With the support of Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), we have founded an Interest Group that focuses on Older People to better understand how to raise the profile of counsellors in aged care and ways to support a vulnerable demographic, that is older people as they age. We’d appreciate your valuable feedback to inform us of your interest and input on best practice methods.

Click on this link to access the survey.

Survey closes 12/3/21