Update to 2022 PACFA Conference: Safety through diversity

PACFA warmly invites all members to join us at the upcoming 2022 Conference, Safety Through Diversity: emerging challenges and opportunities in the provision of mental health care to explore the challenges and opportunities presented by Australia's post-COVID mental health landscape.  

PACFA’s biennial member conference, originally scheduled to take place in 2021, is now being held online from the 13th November – 18th November 2022.  
This will be the first time we have hosted a PACFA Conference online. Traditionally, conferences have taken place in Melbourne and Sydney but as national organisation, it is important that we start reaching out to members all over Australia. We are pivoting to a virtual conference in the interests of accessibility while we continue to navigate the pandemic, but the sessions will be as interactive as if they were in person.   

The new conference date will ensure that our members can safely attend the premier event in our professional development calendar. The four conference streams remain unchanged, and are:   

Stream 1: Diversity in Gender, Body, Kinship, & Sexuality 
Stream 2: Indigenous Healing Practices 
Stream 3: Psychotherapy, Counselling and the Politics of Mental Health 
Stream 4: The place of research in the future of the profession 
If you have any questions, please email the PACFA Events Team at [email protected]