A thank you to all our wonderful volunteers

As 2021 draws to a close, PACFA would like to extend our sincere thanks to our wonderful volunteers who are vital to the strength of our organisation and have helped make the past year so successful. 

Whether you serve on a board, committee, interest group, college, branch, or any other PACFA endeavour, we deeply value your time and effort. Volunteering is a powerful way to make a real difference, and PACFA benefits so much from the diversity of voices in our volunteer body. 

Looking to 2022, we hope to continue to support our volunteers to develop their interests, extend their networks, and expand our organisation in exciting new ways. 

A special thanks to our volunteers, past and present for their hard work this year. PACFA would not be able to achieve all we do without your expertise and dedication.  

If you would like to volunteer with PACFA in 2022, please reach out to [email protected] for more information on available opportunities. 

Thank you to:

Alison Kirk 

Andrea Breen 

Anna McKie 

Anne Jenkins 

Anne Wiggins 

Berenice Dunston 

Bev Pope 

Bianca Field 

Bianca Stawiarski 

Biliana Dearly 

Brett Jones  

Carlie Atkinson 

Charles Wilson  

Danielle Dyall 

Darren Riggon 

David Cronin 

David Lawson 

Deborah Durie 

Diana Sands 

Doreen Patenall 

Doug Aberle 

Dr Alexandra Bloch-Atefi 

Dr Angela Ebert  

Dr Angela Mornane 

Dr Cathy Bettman 

Dr Ebi Cocodia 

Dr Elizabeth Day 

Dr Judith Ayre  

Dr Kate Briggs 

Dr Meg Smith OAM  

Dr Tristan Snell 

Elle Reynolds 

Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson 

Emma Van Daal
Erin Clifford 

Ernst Meyer 

Fiona Adams 

Fiona Baillie 

Fiona O’Hara 

Florence Ee 

Frances Killaly 

Francis Kim 

Francis Voon  

Gávi Ansara  

Gavin Morris 

Gia Pyrlis 

Gina O’Neill 

Graham Gee 

Ian Goldsmith 

Jelena Zeleskov Doric 

Jon Dachs 

Judith Ayre 

Kaye de Ville 

Kieran O’Loughlin 

Kieran Vaughan  

Kim Billington 

Kirstin Robertson-Gillam 

Kris Rao 

Leah O’Brien-Addison 

Lindy Spanger 

Lisa Bentley 

Lynda Burt 

Madeleine Fogarty  

Magdalena Liem 

Malibu Bert 

Maree Armansin  

Marina Boyle 

Marlene Formosa
Maxine Dawn Santich 

Merle Conyer 

Miranda Leon-Madgwick 

Nigel Will Polak  

Pat Bradley 

Patrick Moloney 

Peter Kadwell 

Puja Menon  

Rachel Friebel 

Rayleen Councillor 

Renee Janssen-Gibon 

Rev. Dr. Chris Simon 

Richard Scott 

Rob Jerrom 

Robert Brodie 

Robin Fingher 

Roger Vallance 

Roman Ilgauskas 

Rosealeen Tamaki  

Sally Hardwick 

Sally Pamberger 

Scott Kratzmann 

Scott Rogan 

Sue Etheridge 

Susie Huynh 

Tanya Quakawoot  

Theadora Qassrani 

Toni Neil 

Tracy Dickens 

Trish Thompson  

Tristan Snell 

Valerie Redman 

Veronik Verkest 

Vicky Dawes 

Victoria Morrissey 

Wajan Hale