Counselling and Psychotherapy Brochures

PACFA has produced a brochure to help promote counselling and psychotherapy in the community. The brochure aims to educate the community about counselling and psychotherapy and to promote the benefits of choosing a registered practitioner.

The brochure is available for purchase by PACFA Registrants at cost price and represents a very affordable way to promote counselling and psychotherapy services.

PACFA encourages Registrants in private practice to use the brochure to promote your practice through GP surgeries, local community agencies, or other local distribution channels. Registrants working in other settings are encouraged to use the brochure to promote counselling and psychotherapy to your targeted client groups. The brochure has a blank panel on the back where Registrants can put a sticker with their contact details.

View the PACFA A4 Brochure

The following order options are available:

50 brochures – $28 (inc. GST)
100 brochures – $38 (inc. GST)
250 brochures – $58 (inc. GST)

To order, please go to the Counselling & Psychotherapy Portal