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QCA membership is a significant indicator of a practitioner's training and experience in counselling and psychotherapy.

  • QCA Associate members must have completed a course in counselling to a minimum of an undergraduate Diploma level (or equivalent) and must be practising under supervision and must be covered by professional indemnity insurance.
  • QCA Provisional members must have completed a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree or higher in counselling training (AQF standard levels 7-9)which contained 400 hours instruction in interpersonal skill development of which 200 hours was face to face and also included 40 hours of client contact with 10 hours of related supervision
  • QCA Clinical members meet the conditions for Provisional membership and have a further 750 hours client contact and 75 hours of related supervision over a period of 2 years post training.

For a full description of the membership category requirements click here. To read the PACFA Training Standards click here.

*Please Note the Application Fee for QCA membership is non-refundable.

Application fee (non-refundable): $55 (inc. GST)

Annual membership fees:

  • Associate - $220 (pro-rata for 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter or 4th quarter applications)
  • Provisional- $270 (pro-rata for 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter or 4th quarter applications)
  • Clinical - $354 (pro-rata for 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter or 4th quarter applications)
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