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Symposium: Trans adolescents trauma: Bullies... - Recording
Symposium: Trans adolescents trauma: Bullies... - Recording
Elizabeth A Riley
Trans adolescents trauma: Bullies, Blades and Barricades

This workshop aims to support clinicians to work therapeutically with gender diverse adolescents by providing a particular focus on ways they are negatively affected by their experiences and perceptions of interpersonal and intrapersonal environments. The myriad of challenges confronting gender diverse adolescents includes often unrecognized forms of pressure, oppression and restrictions. As a result, gender diverse adolescents may become detached and overwhelmed as they struggle with issues of the self and identity while challenging the very systems that are there to support them.

Utilizing case studies this workshop invites clinicians to recognise multiple expressions of gender diversity, identify the various forms of adversity that gender diverse adolescents face, contextualize the experiences into the defined experiences of bullies, blades and barricades, and explore strategies for engagement and intervention.

The workshop describes the challenges, hardship and dispossession that some gender diverse adolescents face from interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts, societal pressure and hostility. This workshop is informed by the current research on safety and risks affecting trans youth, the authors clinical experience of trans and gender diverse adolescents, and recommendations in the literature for professional care and support of gender diverse adolescents.

Dr Elizabeth Riley is a Sydney-based counsellor and clinical supervisor with over 20 years’ experience counselling trans people and their families and a PhD titled: ‘The Needs of Gender-Variant Children and Their Parents’. Dr Riley also provides academic supervision (PhD) and training in gender diversity for schools, clinicians and other service providers. She has 13 publications including three book chapters, was a founding member of the Australian & New Zealand Professional Association for Transgender Health, and, is a professional clinical member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

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