Continuing professional development course endorsement

At PACFA, we're committed to upholding high standards in counselling, psychotherapy, and Indigenous Healing Practices. As part of this commitment, we are delighted to announce the release of our revised Continuing professional development endorsement guidelines, effective from 1 May 2023.

Our updated endorsement process provides a structured and transparent approach for education and training providers (providers) to gain endorsement for its continuing professional development (CPD) courses. This ensures consistently high standards, and gives PACFA members the reassurance they are engaging in high-quality professional development.

In addition, the revised CPD endorsement process promotes greater transparency and quality assurance across the profession. By setting clear and transparent criteria for endorsement, the revised process aims to encourage the development of high-quality, diverse, and relevant professional development opportunities that align with the profession's person-centered approach.

To support providers through the new CPD endorsement process, PACFA has developed guidance notes that supplement the revised guidelines, and provide additional information on the application process. We encourage all providers to review these notes carefully before submitting an online application via the member portal.

PACFA publishes 11 eNews editions per year, distributed to over 7,800 engaged and active readers nationally. Each edition provides in-depth articles relevant to the counselling, psychotherapy, and Indigenous Healing community, updates on the latest news in mental health, and details of endorsed CPD courses and accredited core and advanced specialist training programs. Providers seeking endorsement for its CPD courses on PACFA’s website and within eNews are invited to apply for CPD course endorsement. 

As part of its routine schedule, the PACFA eNews publication does not run in January. With no eNews in January, endorsement applications received at the beginning of November for CPD courses starting in November, December, or January may only be included in one (1) edition of eNews. Regular eNews publication resumes in February.

If you have any questions about the application process or guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact the Endorsement team via [email protected].

To apply for CPD course endorsement, please complete the course details for endorsement PDF or course details for endorsement and license PDF and the online application form below.