Annual membership renewals

PACFA memberships expire on 30 June each year, and all members are required to renew their registration annually between May and July. Clinical and Provisional members must demonstrate each year that they have met the Membership and Registration Renewal Requirements for ongoing professional development and supervision.

How to renew

Each year, PACFA sends members an email when renewals have opened. To begin your renewal, log in to your PACFA Portal via 'MEMBER LOGIN'Complete your CPD and Supervision logs if you have not already done so, and the orange 'Renew now' button will appear on your profile. Watch the 'How to complete your logs' video.

For a step-by-step breakdown on how to renew, please watch the 2021 Instructional Renewal Video here. 

Registrants who are individual members of PACFA must pay an annual membership fee but registrants who are members through a PACFA Member Association do not pay a fee to PACFA.

If you are not able to complete your renewal online, please contact the PACFA Office at [email protected] to request a paper renewal form. Applying via the paper application form involves an additional administration fee.

Registrants no longer need to submit evidence of their Continuing Professional Development and Supervision hours at the time of renewal but you must keep evidence in your Professional Portfolio. CPD and supervision hours will be audited at least once every three years in accordance with PACFA's Audit Guidelines. See Register Audits for details.

PACFA response to the COVID-19 pandemic

PACFA has implemented a flexible arrangement for CPD and Supervision undertaken by registered members during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is part of our response to coronavirus in order to support our members.

Renewal FAQs

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What are the annual requirements? 

In most cases, this will be 10 hours of supervision and 20 hours of CPD, however there are some exceptions. We have created a detailed breakdown to give you further information. 

How do I renew? 

First, you'll need to log in to the portal. You will then need to go to Membership - and choose 'My Membership' from the drop down menu. From here, you can update your CPD and supervision logs in line with the requirements. The orange 'renew now' button will appear once your logs are completed. We have also created a detailed walk-through on how to renew

How do I update my logs? 

When will I get my membership certificate? 

As soon as you renew (or the next day for member association members), you can download your member certificate from the portal.

Help! I've forgotten to renew!

No worries at all - your membership can be renewed any time before 30 September at the latest. However, a late fee may apply for renewals after 31 July. If you did not renew before 30 September, your membership will have lapsed, and you will need to reactivate your membership.