PACFA Registration Renewal

Practising members who have renewed for 2023/2024, but have not yet provided evidence of a valid NPC, insurance and/or WWCC will have received an email reminder from PACFA that they need to provide these documents to finalise their 2023/2024 registration renewal. Members that do not provide evidence of a NPC, Insurance and/or WWCC (for members that work with children and young people) by Monday, 16th October, will have their PACFA registration suspended until evidence is provided.  

When a PACFA registration is suspended: 

  • The Registrant will have a suspended status on the Australian Register of Counsellors & Psychotherapists (ARCAP Register)
  • The Registrant will have their contact details removed from the ARCAP Register 
  • The Registrant will not appear on the Find a Therapist Directory
  • The Registrant will not be issued with a PACFA registration certificate 

Please be aware that members who have their registration suspended will continue to have access to PACFA member benefits for the duration of the registration suspension, e.g. discounted CPD events, eNews, up until the end of the membership year, 30 June 2024. 

Failure to provide evidence of National Police Check(NPC) , Insurance and/or WWCC (if applicable) by 16th October 2024 will result in registration suspension



If you have been suspended, to lift registration suspension, and have all conditions of suspension removed, members will be required to:


If a member does not provide evidence by 30 June 2024, their PACFA membership will lapse and they will need to reapply to PACFA.  

Please note:

Members are reminded that PACFA takes no responsibility for registration with PACFA until all registration renewal requirements are met.

Refunds are not provided for PACFA registration renewal fees.