Digital badges are coming this month

PACFA will email practising members their exclusive professional title digital badges this month (October 2021). 

The trademarked titles are Certified Practising Counsellor, Registered Clinical Counsellor and Registered Clinical Psychotherapist. 

Practising counsellors and psychotherapists will receive an email with the title as a digital badge as a jpg file on its own, as well as the badge/PACFA logo combined. They will also receive an A4 PDF with their professional title and PACFA logo. 

The badge and PACFA logo signify that the member has met the training requirements required for PACFA membership and membership of the College of Counselling or College of Psychotherapy (whichever applies) and has a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of the profession.  

Practising members can use the badge on their website, PowerPoint presentations, digital advertising, or anywhere they want to share their professional title. 

Providing practising members with a professional title as a digital badge, email signature and PDF is part of PACFA's ongoing service to our members, promoting the recognition and respect they deserve. 

Members will be assigned a new badge if they upgrade or change their College membership. Read the digital badge FAQs.